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We are a team of experienced tax professionals who adhere to a standard of excellence second to none. Our Enrolled Agents who represent consumers are licensed federally by the IRS. An Enrolled Agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards. Whether you are an individual or business owner, our code of ethics makes the consumer’s IRS tax liability resolution and customer satisfaction it’s first and foremost priority.

At Integrity Tax Relief Group, we pride ourselves on individual and personalized services. As a client, you will be assigned an experienced associate. This associate will manage your file from start to finish so you won’t have to ever talk to someone who doesn’t understand your file. Unlike other firms, we don’t have secretaries or answering services; instead, we answer our own phones. We are consumers just like you and strive to provide the best customer service possible.

Over the years, in order to meet the needs of our consumers, we have developed a team of professionals who understand individual needs while protecting the rights of the consumer and maintaining an excellent relationship with the IRS and State Departments of Revenue with whom we work to resolve your tax matters.

Television and Radio advertisements promising “the world” make the reality of dealing with the IRS sound easy; however, companies making these promises cannot live up to their claims. Here at ITG you will speak with a resolution associate who will explain to you a viable, realistic solution that adheres to tax code, not a sales pitch.

We know how to handle tax burdens

At ITG Tax Relief, we understand how confusing and stressful a tax burden can be and we want to help you. Since we opened our doors in 2011, the community has felt the benefits of what Tax Relief can offer and you will too.


ITG Tax Relief has two goals for every one of our clients. We want you to win the best tax relief solution possible and stop harassment from collection services, saving you money and embarrassment.

At ITG Tax Relief we hold every one of our employees to a high standard of competence and ethics. This means all our tax professionals are well educated, trained and extremely capable to assist you in your financial situation. Our team will provide you with care tailored to your personal financial needs.

Instant response

In order for you to avoid unwanted government garnishment to your wages or a lien on your property, we act fast. This means that from the moment you hire our team of professionals at ITG Tax Relief, you have someone watching your back constantly. We don’t believe in wasting time and you shouldn’t either. The time to act is now!

Understanding Tax Professionals and Tax Professional Associations

Enrolled Agents

Enrolled agents are certified by the federal government and can represent taxpayers in all 50 states.

Certified Public Accountant

CPAs are accountants that have passed a specific exam and have qualified in their state to gain that title.

Tax Attorney

A tax attorney is an attorney that specializes in tax law.


National Association of Enrolled Agents

Tax Debt Relief Services: What to Look For

With so many commercials for tax debt relief services airing on cable, it’s hard to know what separates the legitimate companies from the scams. Sometimes the problem is that the company is new or the employees are inexperienced and can’t deliver the promised outcomes. To avoid being taken in by scam artists, or being left with an even larger debt by an inexperienced company, use the criteria below to evaluate tax debt relief services.


A good indicator of a legitimate tax debt relief company is how long it has been in business; the longer, the better. It is nice to know who is on the staff, or at least who runs the business. Check to see whether or not the company has a physical office. The lack of a useful About Us page or a physical address could indicate that the company is temporary or new, or that independent contractors will handle your case.


A free consultation is almost standard, but a refund policy is less common. A good company will offer a refund policy for things such as dissatisfaction or unused services. A great tax debt relief service will offer to help with your unfiled tax returns or even file for you.

Look for a company that has at least one tax attorney, enrolled agents and certified public accountants (CPAs). Tax attorneys specialize in tax law and are helpful on particularly challenging tax cases. Enrolled agents are certified by the federal government and can represent taxpayers in all 50 states. They specialize in interpreting the tax code and applying it to the correct situations. CPAs are accountants who have passed a specific exam and have qualified in their state to gain that title. All are good options for getting your tax problems resolved. Also make sure that the company offers the services you require and is authorized to practice in your state.

Tax Problems

A good tax debt relief service will offer help for many different types of tax problems. You will want to look for a company that will help when you have unfiled tax returns or are facing a tax audit. If you have a lien on your house or the IRS is garnishing your wages and seizing your property, look for a company that works on these kinds of cases. Tax debt relief services can also help if you find that your back taxes are simply too high to pay.

Negotiation Options

The IRS offers several options for taxpayers to pay their debt and offers a few programs to help relieve the debt in special circumstances. The best companies understand and can perform all types of tax negotiations with the IRS – whether it is the complicated Offer in Compromise option where you are relieved of the portion of your debt that cannot be paid off or a payment agreement in monthly installments that are reasonable for your situation.

Help & Support

The best tax debt relief services offer multiple ways to contact them and will have responsive and polite customer service agents. Look for companies with active social media accounts and blogs that are updated regularly.

As a taxpayer, you can apply for any of the programs offered by the IRS on your own, and even represent yourself; however, completing the paperwork and understanding the tax code can be stressful. Your tax debt can be managed or relieved with the right tax relief service.