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When to Hire Tax Help?

On top of confusing tax code that is constantly changing, the IRS is scrutinizing more tax returns as federal money remains tight.

Tax code is constantly changing and extremely confusing to the average consumer. While it is true that most tax preparation software guarantees an accurate return based on up-to-date information most consumers that use this software do not understand how to properly answer the questions to reap the best results. Wage-earning taxpayers who don’t itemize deductions can usually prepare their own tax returns without making mistakes, but experts advise more complicated returns may require a professional.

Unless reading the IRS’ entire arsenal of instructions sounds intriguing or the 900-page, 2012 U.S. Master Tax Guide excites you, here are some specific scenarios where experts suggest seeking professional help.

If you are audited or the IRS challenges your reporting, you can resolve the issue quickly with a professional preparer by your side. One who has guaranteed the accuracy of the return? Statistically the majority of consumers that are audited filed the tax returns themselves or had an inadequate tax preparer do the return.

When you had a different life situation than in prior years: If you’ve moved because of work, lost a home to foreclosure, or otherwise experienced a new and life-changing situation last year, talk to a professional to see how it affects your tax liability. You could be eligible for new tax credits and deductions, or be subject to new reporting requirements.

When you own a business or recently became self-employed. Businesses can have lots of complicated schedule forms regarding expenses, investments, depreciation and revenues. A newly self-employed person may not be familiar with filing requirements, leading to exhaustive hours of reading and trying to complete the return. That’s valuable time taken away from growing your business.