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Offer in Compromise

Not everyone qualifies for an Offer in Compromise agreement. But if your net worth and future income potential proves that you won’t be able to satisfy the tax debt, ITG can attempt to compromise with the IRS on an amount that you can settle.

The Offer in Compromise program was recently revamped and it appears to be a great way to repay pennies on the dollar just like the TV ads from many tax resolution companies advertise. In fact, it is widely abused and applied for by consumers who simply do not want to repay the liability they owe even though they do not qualify. Statistically the Offer in Compromise is denied far more often than it is accepted.

ITG will only submit an Offer in Compromise that has validity and is a feasible solution to your tax matters. There are many ways to repay less than what you owe and if you qualify they are proven successful methods of resolving back due taxes.

If you do qualify for an Offer in Compromise, ITG will submit the Offer and follow through with the appeals process if necessary until it is approved. An Offer in Compromise can settle thousands of dollars in back due taxes for a small percent of what you owe.

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