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Audit Representation

Don't face an audit alone.

Have you received an IRS audit notice? While millions of taxpayers are audited every year, the concept that the IRS would like to take a closer look at your taxes can be nerve-wracking.

Even taxpayers who have nothing to worry about because they have filed their taxes in a timely and honest manner may be frightened of an impending IRS audit. NTC has represented many clients with State or Federal Tax Audits and have a proven track record of success.

It is important to note that not all audits are done face-to-face; in fact, the majority of IRS audits are correspondence audits, done through the mail. NTC will fight for you. We’ll take the time to go through the records, line by line. We'll assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation to prove your case, and the Enrolled Agent assigned to your case will stay with you until you have won every penny possible.

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